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 Much has happened since Sin Shake Sin's founder Stacy Hogan hit "upload" on his self-released project's independent debut. 
Over 100 MILLION streams between Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music.

     Unsigned, "Sin Shake Sin" managed to reach #5 on Billboard's Rock Radio Most Added charts in late 2017 with their independent single "Can't Go To Hell", which was also added to Sirius/XM Octane, and featured as "Pick of the Week" by both nationally syndicated radio shows "Hard Drive with Lou Brutus" and "The L.A. Lloyd Top 30 Countdown". 

 Recently featured as the ending credits song for the Netflix movie "Little Evil", as well as prominent placements in the hit TV show "Vampire Diaries", "WWE Raw" and more, Sin Shake Sin has accomplished many things in a short period of time. 

    Sin Shake Sin is Stacy's most passionate project yet.   He wrote, sang, performed all the instruments as well as produced and mixed all the songs himself. 

    Stacy Hogan has written over 15 major label songs for other artists across multiple genres, including 2 Billboard Top 10 Hard Rock singles, and even produced an album that topped the Billboard Classical charts in August 2017.  After licensing his music for TV/Film as well as winning multiple songwriting awards, he decided to reboot and begin his new project, Sin Shake Sin.

    Sin Shake Sin's debut full length album "Lunatics and Slaves" was released.  In 2020, the follow-up album "The Mess We've Made" landed Stacy a write up in Guitar World Magazine and a broader audience.

    Sin Shake Sin is a fresh new experience in rock. The music is a bold, unique and instantly recognizable signature mix of industrial hard rock, southern old school blues, and in your face pop hooks.



    The sound paints a scenario of a group of artists such as Nine Inch Nails, Awolnation, Nirvana, Muse, and the White Stripes kidnapping the music director of HBO's True Blood, then moving to a swamp in the deep south and recording an epic "industrial pop/rock electro-swamp" album.  (Stacy recorded the entire album on an 8 string guitar to give it it's low and dirty “swamp” sound.)  It's refreshing and new while paying homage to a vast array of influences.   

     The concept - It's about awareness. The power of information vs. the power of misinformation. It's about no longer sitting by idly while your life gets controlled by others who are only looking out for themselves. It deals with one of the most dangerous epidemics we face today: Complacent Ignorance.    This is not Stacy's first successful music endeavor as an artist. His previous rock project, Lovers and Liars, was signed to Universal Republic.   

     He has also been a professional studio musician since he was 15, soon after taking his talents to Nashville, TN doing session work for many artists.  He quickly made the transition from session musician to producer/entrepreneur when he created his own widely successful production/licensing/publishing company at age 24.

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