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​➼  (Review by ROCK JOURNALIST Mark McStea
to be published in the upcoming edition of GUITAR WORLD MAGAZINE)


********* 9 out of 10 stars

Rock’n’Roll to save your soul.


Sin Shake Sin is Stacy Hogan, a US based artist whose had phenomenal success with his previous self-released music. His songs have cropped up in numerous US TV shows and his music has attracted over 30 million streams. His new album is a timely slap in the face for a world complacent and willing to buy the bullshit it’s being served. Against a wall of avalanche guitars and drums that sound like a sonic apocalypse, Hogan delivers a set of tightly constructed straight-to-the-point missives that question, quite literally, the mess we’ve made of the world today.  The album plays like a stack of killer singles – memorable songs, incisive lyrics and an approach that evokes hints of Manson, Reznor, Fogerty and Dylan set against a pounding, rock’n’roll approved grind of gritty guitars and thunderous beats.  Hogan’s work with Sin Shake Sin is already a favorite of TV producers looking to tap the spirit of rebellion and angry desperation for any number of major shows - every track on ‘The Mess We’ve Made’ is a no-brainer for anyone looking to shake an audience out of their complacency and question themselves.   Mark my words.  This album is going to be big.

Mark McStea
(Guitar World Magazine)

More happening now!
➼    Upcoming 12 city tour with Beasto Blanco in March!

➼   releasing 2 singles this month.  "The Mess We've Made" on 2/14 & "Human Nature" on 2/28
➼   Sin Shake Sin has recently reached 30 million streams between Spotify and YouTube alone!
➼    Numerous licensing accomplishments including most recently:
       -  featured in the 2020 Golden Globe winning Netflix series "Unbelievable"
       -  featured in the 2019  DC Comics series "Doom Patrol
       -  to be featured in the upcoming Amazon Prime show "Bunkheads"

       -  to be featured in the upcoming movie "Deadlines"
       -  to be featured in the upcoming post-apocalyptic YouTube series "1440"  
        - recently featured as the literary musical setting in the 2019 bestselling fiction novel "The Evelyn Maynard Trilogy" by international bestselling author, Kaydence Snow.
➼     latest single added to "Topsify's" "Rock Nation" "50 hottest Rock Songs" playlist on Spotify.

       -  and much more!